African American History Since 1900


Course Syllabus (Word Doc)

Course Assignments

PowerPoint Presentation (Spring 2018)

File Week 1, The Era of Protest and Accommodation.pptx 34.32 MB
File Week 2, The Rise of Militant Protest.pptx 26.43 MB
File Weeks 3-4, The Great Migration.pptx 82.44 MB
File Week 5, The UNIA and The Communist Party.pptx 46.55 MB
File Week 6, World War II and The West Coast Migration.pptx 54.4 MB
File Week 7, We Shall Overcome.pptx 52.13 MB
File Week 8, The Struggle Continues.pptx 44.06 MB

African American History Bibliography

African American History Web Sites and Research Guides

African American History Time Lines

Primary Documents

Online Encylcopedia of African American History

Online Encyclopedia of African American History in the West

General United States History Web Resources, Vol. I 

General United States History Web Resources, Vol.  II

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