Books Published

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Dr. Sam, Soldier, Educator, Advocate, Friend: The Autobiography of Samuel Eugene Kelly
(Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010)

America-I-Am Black Facts: The Story of a People Through TImelines, 1601-2000 (New York: Tavis Smiley Books, 2009)

From Timbuktu to Katrina: Readings in African American History, Vol. 1 (Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2008)

From Timbuktu to Katrina: Readings in African American History, Vol. 2 (Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2008

Shirley Ann Wilson Moore and Quintard Taylor, eds., African American Women Confront the West, 1600-2000 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2003)

Lawrence B. de Graaf, Kevin Mulroy and Quintard Taylor, eds., Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2001) 

In Search of the Racial Frontier: African American West, 1528-1990 (New York: W.W. Norton, 1998) Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in History

The Forging of a Black Community: A History of Seattle's Central District, 1870 through the Civil Rights Era (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1994) Fifth book selected since 1968 for the Emil and Kathleen Sick Series in Western History and Biography

The Making of the Modern World: A Reader in 20th Century Global History (Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, 1990)


Other Projects in Preparation:

Urban Archipelago: African American Communities in the Twentieth Century American West (Tucson: University of Arizona Press)

Erasmo Gamboa and Quintard Taylor, Eds. Peoples of Color in the Pacific Northwest, 1788-1970 (publisher to be determined)


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